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Park House Ventures helps ambitious businesses to achieve their potential by providing support, challenge, experience and insight in equal measure


Park House Ventures Ltd. was established in 2012 to provide board level advisory and investment support to ambitious businesses, either as a non-executive director (NED) or board Chair.

When seeking advice and support, business leaders face a confusing array of specialist consultants and professional advisors, each with their own expertise and point-of-view. Depending on the challenge faced, these can offer a useful service, although few really take the time to understand the big picture and the true ambition of the business.

Rather than continually selecting a range of specialist advisors as the business goes through the cycles of change (strategy, funding, market development, team-building, culture, systems and processes etc.), it can be better to share the journey. Having a seasoned business executive on your board that has faced and overcome many of the challenges of growth themselves, and has an interest in the long-term success of the business and its stakeholders, can be a refreshing way to reduce the burden of leadership.

Appointing a NED or Chair can feel like a big step, but it need not be daunting. The right person, with the right skills and personality can help to guide the leadership team to achieve amazing outcomes.

Robert Salvoni Park House Ventures

Robert Salvoni

NEDs and Chairs

It is with this aim in mind that I set up Park House Ventures Ltd. Using my many years of start-up, turnaround and growth business leadership experience in a range of listed and privately owned businesses I have taken on a number of NED and Chair roles, delivering measurable value in each case.

Cornwall is blessed with a number of exceptional individuals with a vast range of sector and functional experience, with many adding value at board level to ambitious businesses both locally and on the national and global stage.

I have worked with some, learned from many and introduced a number into similar roles across the county and region.

It is important to recognise that one size does not fit all. Whether their backgrounds lend themselves better to different sectors, functional skills (such as legal or financial backgrounds), or whether it is just temperament and personal fit, these great people do terrific jobs in the businesses that invite them to join their boards.


Typically, I engage with businesses that have recognised the need for change, whether it be financial restructuring, strategic development, structural, cultural, system or process change (and in some cases several of the above at the same time!).

Following an initial needs analysis and agreed scope of work, I engage intensively with a business to deliver immediate results. As well as advice, this can involve directly investing in businesses or gaining external investment (which I have delivered variously through equity investors, loans, peer-to-peer finance and crowdfunding). Ideally this is followed by an ongoing engagement as a Non-Executive Director or Chairman. This allows for the monitoring of the adherence to the new plan, continuous coaching and support of the team to ensure its success and an ability to step in when real life gets in the way, as no plan survives contact with the enemy!.

As a Non-Executive Director I ensure that the plan is both challenging (to deliver the best possible outcome for the business) and achievable enough to be motivating. I also have the same legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities as an Executive. I do not charge a day-rate, but rather prefer to agree a fee structure and (over time) an equity position that directly reflects the measurable value that I add.

The contribution of a NED or Chair must be additive, not duplicative. Particular areas that may need focus can include:


I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the years, and overcome many of the challenges that can get in the way of success. My early career in the military gave me a strong grounding in operational focus, prioritisation and execution, which I readily took into the commercial executive stage of my career. Moving to BT, I undertook my MBA and (amongst other things) launched and ran the UK’s first (and largest) broadband internet service provider.

I went on to run a series of VC backed and listed technology businesses through turnaround, growth and exit. By applying what I have learned (both formally and through experience), I have enjoyed the journey whilst delivering considerable value for stakeholders on the way.

Since moving to Cornwall full time, I have been using my experience and knowledge to guide senior management teams through periods of rapid change, whilst providing ongoing oversight and governance through investments and board appointments.


Although I have a technology background, many of the issues faced in growing businesses are common. In addition to software, my current portfolio and recent clients include manufacturers, professional services businesses and not-for-profit organisations. The common thread throughout them all is that they are led by people with ambition and an openness to new ideas.

Other non-executives and board Chairs in my network are on the boards of FTSE listed, PE backed, public sector, charitable and SME organisations in a wide array of sectors.

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Robert has been invaluable in helping us gain two rounds of equity investment and start to realise our growth potential. I look forward to him helping us reach further success going forward.

Dorian Spackman

Managing Director

Swoop Applications

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For a start-up company with big ambitions like ours, Robert’s help, strategic vision and acute business acumen have been critical to our success so far. Aside from everything else he brings to the table, the most telling thing for me is that with Robert on board, I simply feel more assured of our future as a business and a brand

Sam Lamiroy

Founder of ambitious startup

IaM Bands

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Robert is a person able to think simultaneously at different levels - considering a strategic objective while equally considering the operational, human factors and productivity impact across the organisation....his contribution has de-risked and shortened the time to market considerably.

Tim Jones

Executive Chairman


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Robert's energy has helped to make the What Cornwall Thinks research panel a reality, with real potential benefit to businesses and organisations across the whole of Cornwall

Robert Rush

Managing Director

PFA Research

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We have been working with Robert for over six months, and during that time he has injected a new level of professionalism and discipline into our business. Additionally, Robert has applied his vast business experience to our situation, not only guiding us safely through some difficulties, but also helping us to build firm foundations for our planned high growth over coming years.

Paul Massey


BlueFruit Ltd


If you feel that your business could benefit from additional board bandwidth, just get in touch!